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5:18 pm, Tuesday 17th March 2015

Shaun wasn’t what I’d call a typical client. He was more on the reserved side, and a tad uncertain as to what it was that he really wanted. I was the escort of his dreams- at least that’s what he told me. But I guess his dreams didn’t go farther than having me in his company. I understood. Partially because he never thought he’d be the guy to request such services. He’d been consumed by what he thought was a happy marriage only to see the walls of his relationship fall down. And then, he turned to me to make things better- to ease the pain a bit.

I remember our first time together like it was yesterday “his first date with an escort”. He showed up to the hotel room in London. It wasn’t too far away from my apartment as so, I got there before he did. When I opened the door to him, he froze. This made me chuckle slightly and when I asked him what it was that caused his reservations, he said that I was even more perfect than I was in his fantasies. Every girl likes compliments and you can bet that in that moment, I wanted nothing more than to show him how grateful I was for his kind words. But Shaun insisted that he wanted to get to know me a little bit better first. He took me out on a date, wined and dined me and then took me back to the hotel room where talked some more.

He was a very interesting guy and the more he held off, the more I wanted him. I guess you could say that he played his cards well because my the time he was ready to see what I really had to offer, my panties were soaked with juices that he’d soon enjoy.

Carefully, I guided his shirt over his head and then his pants over his ankles. And when I was through with undressing him, it was time to get myself bare. His eyes widened with anticipation and when that last article of clothing slipped down to my ankles, he turned into a completely different person. Shaun was no longer the reserved man who wasn’t sure what he wanted. He saw his fantasies right in front of him and he took the opportunity to enjoy every part of me without hesitation.

It was a night to remember and one I’m sure he will never forget.

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