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Renata not an innocent London girl

9:49 pm, Thursday 18th September 2014

He didn’t see it coming. In fact, none of them ever do. The men who hire me often believe that they’re getting an escort who’s innocent and a tad bit on the shy side. However, I’m the complete opposite which is what makes me as intriguing as I am. When Jonas walked through the door of my London flat, he was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d taken the honors of getting into attire more pleasing to the eyes than imaginable. He stuttered a bit, ‘you…you…you look gorgeous’, he said, moving his eyes from my face, to my breasts and then allowing them to travel even further south. I loved it. The way he looked at me as though he’d just won the lottery. ‘You don’t look too bad yourself,’ I replied. The truth was, he looked pretty amazing, despite the look of desperation that encompassed his entire being. Well shaved, hair slicked back and dressed in jeans that hugged his cute little butt and a perfectly ironed button up. Jonas was one of those guys who didn’t have to try too hard to look good as he was naturally a charmer.
I offered him a glass of wine after showing him to the bedroom, he gladly accepted- Perhaps hoping it would calm his nerves. I couldn’t help but to keep my smile stretched across my face for the entire visit. I just kept imagining how much fun I would have as his chosen escort for the night teasing him; how pleasurable it would be for me to give him another reason to drop his mouth in awe. A quick conversation later, I was already taking advantage of his naivety, stripping him to his birthday suit and coating his body with wet and seductive kisses. The way his eyes rolled back and the little sounds he let out ensured me that I was doing everything right. As the night progressed, the fire got hotter and hotter. I’ve never seen an hour slip away as fast as it did that night with Jonas. However, he reassured me that he’d never been more satisfied than he was in my company. For our next visit, I’ve got loads of amazing tricks up my sleeve and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll be just as mesmerized as he was on our first night together. In fact, I plan on making our next night together one that he will replay in his head night after night.

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