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7:23 pm, Tuesday 23rd December 2014

It had been a while since I enjoyed a night in the London night club with loud music pumping through my ears and sending the right amount of adrenaline rushing through my veins. Though I’d wanted to stay home and cuddle up underneath my blanket with a nice film playing on the television, I allowed my girlfriends to take me out for ‘a night I’d never forget.’ There I was, dancing the night away when I spotted him from across the room. Every once in a while, a girl sees a guy who she just knows she must have. With all the confidence in the world, I made my way over to him, seating myself on the stool directly beside his.

‘I’m Ella,’ I said, gliding my hand up his thigh.

His deep blue eyes glistened in the darkness. He looked up, allowing me to admire him in all his beauty. ‘I’m taken,’ he replied.

Immediately, I removed my hand from his thigh. I could feel my cheeks reddening with embarrassment and at that moment I wished disappearing was an option. I’ve been with married men before. Being one of the escorts from a well established agency in the west end of London this wasn’t something uncommon. However, they usually came to me, not the other way around.

‘I’m terribly sorry,’ I said, raising myself out of the stool and ready to hang my head in shame.

‘Oh don’t be,’ the whitest of smiles flashed across his face.

‘I’m not that kind of girl,’ I said, still ready to make my exit.

His hand took hold of mine and he pulled me closer to him. ‘Will you turn around for me?’

I did as I was told, feeling guilty as I allowed him to get a full glance of my perfectly toned and luscious body. He pulled me closer to him, nibbled on my ear and whispered, ‘my wife would love you.’

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing the shock on my face, he clarified. ‘My wife’s the kind of gal who loves to experiment and a beauty like you will definitely get her riled up in all the right ways. How about you sit with me for a while longer, she’ll be here any minute now.’

My heart pounded faster and faster, quickening even more as his wife strode through the door. Images of how I would please her ran through my mind and when she touched me, I could tell that she had just the energy I needed to have a blast.

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