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2:52 pm, Tuesday 10th March 2015

Luna isn't a name that Alan will ever forget. The first time he walked into my apartment, he'd been all shy and reserved. He claimed he wasn't the guy who usually did this 'kinda thing' and that statement made me want to change his mind. He'd been going through a divorce. One of those painful ones where neither party ends up with the things they really want. Him turning to the escort world was a way to get some form of relief and boy, did he make the right move.

I told him that if he really was as shy as he seemed to be, then there was no need to get to talking. We could save all that until the next time. He looked at me, bewildered, as though a next time would never happen. But of course, he'd never seen the magic that a full-bosomed girl like me can work.

'Fuck me like you're angry at the world,' I commanded him.

His cock was already hard with desire and he was taking these delicate strokes like he was afraid to hurt me or something.

At my request, he held my hands above my head, shoved his cock inside of me and pounded forcefully. My body responded well to his aggression. As my ample breasts bounced up and down I bucked my hips and welcomed each thrust with as much force as he served. But just when he was about to reach his peak, I switched things up a little. I pressed my hands against his firm, muscular chest and pushed him away.

He was shocked and maybe a bit disappointed that he hadn't found his release but I had bigger and better plans in store for him.

'So tell me, Alan, what's your wildest fantasy.'

He gave a slight giggle before answering, 'I don't have any fantasies.'

'Oh come on. You're a man. All men have fantasies.'

'Well,' he thought for a few seconds. 'I've never fucked outside.'

It was a simple fantasy but one that didn't take much to fulfill.

'Luckily for you,' I smirked, 'I've got just the balcony that's right for that kind of fantasy with an escort. Now all of London can hear how you make a woman moan.'

He was quick to his feet and quick out the glass door, leaving all the shyness behind him. He propped himself down on one of the chairs and I hopped right on top of him and fucked him breathless.

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