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Naked appetizers

11:39 am, Thursday 29th January 2015

A friend of mine invited me over for what I thought would be a regular night of fun. I should have known that something was up with her based on the words she uttered before inviting me over. However, I allowed those words to slip to the back of my mind while I prepared for our meeting. Dinner and a long night of catching up is what I had expected. Upon my arrival, I noticed that there was a completely different scene in play. Rather than the regular appetizers and platters filled with food, there was a beautiful girl, dressed in nothing but layers and layers of sushi.

‘What’s she doing on the table,’ I smiled, taken back by the sight before me.
‘Oh,’ Emma replied, ‘that’s Lilly, she’ll be our plate for the day,’ she smiled.
I laughed, uncertain of what to expect after this.
We sat down to eat, plucking one item after the other from Lilly. I was completely blown away by how comfortably she laid on the table. This must have been something she did a lot. I knew that there were a few restaurants in London who did this kind of thing, but I’d never been to one of them. Needless to say, it was quite the experience. But there was more waiting for me. After dinner, Lilly insisted that instead of watching a movie in the living room or sitting around the table for some catching up, we should head to her bedroom. Keen on seeing what she had in store I didn’t resist as she held my hand and guided me into her beautifully decorated bedroom. There were rose petals and candles everywhere. Before speaking, she reached over and picked up a box of matches from the nightstand and started to light the candles, bringing the perfect amount of light to the bedroom.
‘So,’ she turned to me, ‘I was wondering if you’d do me the honor of being my escort for the night.’ I happily agreed, aware of just how much fun agency girls like Emma were in bed. But what I didn’t see coming was that she’d set up a camera to record our encounter. I was a bit hesitant at first but she insisted that it would be for our eyes only and that she’d delete it once we watched the tape. The night went on, and we did naughty things to each other while the red light blinked to let us know that our every moves and moans were being tracked.

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