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My heart melted

8:09 pm, Wednesday 10th December 2014

I stared into his eyes, searching for something more. Was the man of my dreams simply stuck in my dreams or was he hiding behind that London bad boy façade he’d never allow to be broken down? He didn’t hesitate to phone me and let me into his deepest and darkest desires. Knowing that I was the only escort who could tend to his body in ways that would have him latching onto the sheets all night long, there was simply no one else who he could turn to. But I wanted more. Having known him for over a year now, I was ready to take things to the next level.

‘Is there anyone who’s ever made you feel the way I do?’ I asked, running my fingers through his perfect Auburn hair.

‘Never,’ he replied, lowering his head into my neck and tracing delicate kisses all the way down.

The stubble of his beard introduced the perfect pain, smoothly whisked away by the softness of his kisses. I placed my hand on his chin and pulled his head up. I wouldn’t let him off that easily. This was a conversation we needed to have and it needed to happen now.

‘How badly do you want me?’ I whispered, refusing to allow my eyes to stray away from his gaze.
‘I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything or anyone,’ he confessed.
‘But how badly do you want me?’
He finally realized that I wasn’t talking about the realms of pleasure that I brought into his life. I wasn’t his escort. I was the girl who had saved him from himself more times than he could count on one hand.
‘Sienna,’ he smiled, ‘you’re truly one of a kind. You’re the only girl who I’ve ever been this close to; the only one who’s ever made me feel this way.’
‘And what way is that?’ I prodded.
‘In love,’ he replied matter-of-factly.

My heart melted. He’d finally said the words I’d waited for so long to hear and just when I was about to repeat them his lips placed themselves upon mine. I was lost in a kiss so passionate it could light up an entire room. My hands crept their way down, past his rock hard abs and slightly above his thigh. Once I got a glimpse of the excitement he felt, there was nothing in London that could hold me back from introducing him to the most extraordinary night of his life.

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