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6:53 pm, Friday 9th January 2015

I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching me. I’d thought the night would be slow and I would be left alone with my thoughts. But boy, was I wrong. In one of the coziest coffee houses in London’s Gloucester Road, I sat with my laptop positioned in front of me. I’d been working on a book of poems and trying hard to focus on getting it done. However, as I turned around and confirmed that I was indeed being watched, I knew that tonight wouldn’t be the night that I got a lot of work done.

The man watching me was incredibly attractive. Short dark hair, tanned skin and a smile like an angel. A few glances in his direction, gave him permission to introduce himself to me. I was so happy when he came over and even happier when he opened his mouth. Perfect teeth through which a soft but husky voice seeped was music to my ears. His name was, Anthony and he was in London on business. Being his last night in town, he was overjoyed to have met someone to wind down with “and possibly fuck”. I invited him back to my place for a glass of wine and he readily accepted my offer.

We talked for a while. He got to know me and I got the perfect inspiration for a new poem. When we couldn’t keep our paws off each other for any longer, my bedroom became our new destination. I undressed Anthony slowly, revealing a mouthwateringly sexy body and a long thick cock. I stared at his manhood licking my lips and rejoicing in the power I knew he packed within him. He insisted on being the one to rid me of my wardrobe and looked just as pleased to see me in the nude as I was to see him. We wrapped ourselves around each other that night and reveled in a world of great sex and total satisfaction. One night definitely wasn’t enough for the both of us. I could see myself enjoying a lot more of Anthony and it was an absolute shame that he had to leave so soon.

Nevertheless, I know that on his next visit to the capital, he won’t forget to book a visit with the one and only escort who can rock his world harder than anyone would be able to. An unbeatable time is what he experienced with me and on his next visit, I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve that I know he’ll love.

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