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Michelle and the rockstar

9:30 pm, Monday 13th October 2014

A little bit of rock and roll has never hurt anyone. If there’s anything in this world that I love, it’s a good tune and a good guy behind an instrument. A friend of mine invited me to a concert in London a few weeks ago. I guess she had a friend who knew the band and thus, was able to get us backstage. I don’t think anyone in this world could imagine the excitement that I felt. In the previous weeks, most of my friends had been preoccupied with work and as a result, I was deprived of being the party animal that I truly am. So when Lucy introduced the idea of accompanying her to the concert, there was no part of me that would dare to resist her offer. I did a quick search of the band on the internet to see if there was a guy that had the ability to tickle my fancy and as soon as their poster popped up online, I knew which guy this rock chick would be pursuing.

This guy is truly every escorts dream. He’s got steel blue eyes, a perfectly chiseled face, a rough London accent and a body that only true rock stars possess. I could just imagine the things that I would do to him and the things that I would allow him to do to me. Rockers are general freaks in the bedroom and so I knew that I would be well taken care of.

On the night of the concert, I put on my short black dress, the one that has never failed me and headed out to the concert with Lucy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the dreamy rock star the entire night and as soon as the concert came to an end, I made my way over to him. His smile lit up the entire room and the scent of sweat on his body made me crave him more and more. He invited me back to his dressing room where he promised to show me an even better time. I almost drooled just thinking about what he had in store for me. We walked for a few minutes before getting to the dressing room where he unleashed the door to his dressing room and gave me my own private show. Of course, I proved to him that he had never seen an escort like me before and in return, I got a performance much greater than the one he held on the stage that night.

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