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Meet our Sexy Escorts in Fantasy Outfits!

1:37 am, Saturday 2nd August 2014

If you often fantasise about meeting a sexy lady dressed upon request, you will surly be glad to find out that one of the main hobbies of all our beautiful escorts' is searching the busy London streets for the best shops where they can buy the most sensual, teasing and sultry outfits. All girls love to feel sexy and in order to be hot and appealing to their gentlemen audience, they will use all tricks available. Our escorts in London make no exception.
These cheeky girls love to go shopping for sexy lingerie, bikinis, cute little dresses, high hills shoes and fantasy outfits. And because often they find themselves into some of the greatest sex shops in London, our naughty escorts will often purchase some fun toys as well, to go with the fantasy outfits they picked up.
So if your fantasy is to meet one of our sexy young escorts dressed as a London college girl, all you have to do is ask. She can even wear pony tails upon your arrival and underneath the sexy uniform she will have the requested lingerie. Maybe some white panties would be of your liking? That, of course, if you would like her to wear any underwear at all. ;)
You like your escort to visit you at your hotel in Central London dressed as a sexy secretary, with a white shirt, pencil skirt and killer stilettos? Done! She can even wear some sexy glasses and bring over her pad so she can write down the instructions you'll be giving her!
Or maybe you get excited at the idea of being greeted by your chosen London dominatrix escort in a tight latex outfit with a whip and a pair of hand cuffs handy, so she can punish you for being a bad boy and not coming to see her sooner? That can also be sorted.
As I said before, our dedicated escorts have all sorts of fantasy wear available for you to choose from. Nurse uniform, school girl, French maid, pirate, cat girl, police woman, secretary, leather and PVC costumes, sexy high hills and of course, last but not least, all sorts of sexy lingerie are all outfits that our escorts will be happy to wear for you when meeting them at their London incall place or at your outcall location.
Just give us a call and we are happy to advise which of our girls have the clothing and toys that you request. As always, we will do our best to please you and to make sure that you are having the time of your life when meeting one or more of our girls.
Because here, at Peachy Escorts Agency, we will always have your happiness as our main purpose. :)