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Mayra finds his sweet spot

9:10 pm, Thursday 25th September 2014

‘Your eyes, Mayra… It was your eyes that did the trick,’ Alexandro belted out as I tickled his side with my tongue. I had asked him earlier in the night what it was that had drawn him to me when choosing an escort from the agency. Initially, he said it was his little secret and that there was no way he was going to allow me to pry it out of him. However, there was something that he was going to learn and it was that Mayra had her way of getting answers.

You see, I’m the kind of escort who knows just how to give a man the kind of pleasure that makes him open up and reveal the things I’d like to know. So when I’d asked Alexandro about his attraction to me, only to hear that it was a secret, I knew there was a challenge that I needed to accept. I assured him that before the night ended, he’d be moaning and groaning the answer over and over again, but he didn’t believe me. So, on what happened to be our second round of a very passionate experience, I pulled out a trick that has never failed me.

In his ears, I whispered the most seductive things. I told him of all the things I had planned for the night, describing them in as much detail as possible. I informed him that there was a key that was needed to unlock the seduction and that key was the secret he wished to hold from me. After a few seconds, I had Alexandro biting into the pillow, trying hard not to let me get to him. But then, I took him by surprise, caressing his body in ways that it longed to be caressed in. I kept my eyes focused on his, willing them to open and watch as I did things to him that no woman had ever done. And then… I hit his sweet spot. On his right side, just a few inches above his hip, and he had no choice but to let his secret flow. And once he’d told me what kept him coming back to me for more, he was rewarded in the most amazing way possible; making him reveal his secret the best decision he made that night in my London flat. I definitely know how to tap into a guy’s weak spots and make him give in- Alexandro is proof of this.

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