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London at its naughtiest

8:02 pm, Thursday 4th December 2014

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‘Dasha,’ he screamed, searching my eyes for some kind of sympathy. When I had told him that I was the naughtiest escort he’d ever meet, he wasn’t inclined to believe me. As a result, I decided that it was best for me to show him just what I was capable of. I’d opted against using my regular handcuffs as restrained and instead, decided on some good old rope. After teasing his lips with mine and allowing him to get a taste of what I had to offer, I tossed him on the bed. Now, the party was really about to get started in my London apartment.

His eyes were wild and I could almost see the things running through his mind.
 ‘You thought I wasn’t naughty, did you?’ I teased.
‘We’ll see just how naughty you can get scarlet woman,’ he shot back. His face said more than his lips did. He wanted me. He didn’t want to wait to have me.
However, I wasn’t ready to bring him to the brink. Not just yet. I secured his hands to the posts of my bed and when that was through, I did the same with his legs. Inside my ‘box of treasures’, I retrieved a large feather. He propped his head up, as far as he could, wondering what on Earth I would be using a feather for. I made my way back to the bed where I glided the feather from the bottom of his feet, past his calves and all the way to his inner thigh. His body tightened and then twitched as I moved my way further up his body. When I reached the top, I replaced the feather with my tongue, sliding it down the nape of his neck before coming back up for a deep kiss. His eyes told me just how much he wanted me; they told me that he couldn’t wait any longer to make me his. But I didn’t care. I had more teasing to do.

‘Have you ever had an escort like me?’ I whispered into his ear.
His mouth was parted from the pleasure he felt and the only thing he could manage was to shake his head ‘no’.
‘Well,’ I smiled cheekily, ‘it’s about to get even better. I’m gonna introduce you to pleasure that you’ve never felt before.’
And just like that I had him moaning and groaning all night long.

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