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London artists and lunch time escorts

7:11 pm, Thursday 16th April 2015

Jasper was a tall, blond, well-educated man who had recently split up with his fiancée. He was quite happy to talk openly, as he puffed on a cigar, and sipped at his Scotch. We were in a bar in Soho near to where he worked and had specifically wanted to meet an escort during the day. I couldn’t help but wonder if his story was actually true.

There was a friendliness to him that was attractive. He was uber intelligent, and I don’t mean any harm by that, but he talked about things which even an escort with a PHD would find quite baffling. After an hour and two small glasses of wine later, he offered to show me his design studio and gallery in London’s west end.

In the gallery, which was closed until three, and my watch showed two, I could see his work displayed alongside other sculptures in glass, ceramic, stone and wood. I looked at one of his large, platter-style dishes, noticed the price-tag and almost fell over with the shock. This was so very high-end.

Then he showed me into his tiny studio, which entertained a whirlwind of colours and textures. Several unfinished pieces waited to be fired in a kiln, situated in a corner. Jasper started to play with my hair, and I turned around. He asked if I found him interesting and I noded, as his lips met with mine and pressed me against him gently. 

Before long, we were having sex, with my bottom resting on a counter and my legs wrapped around his waist. 

Jasper was actually quite good at this. He kissed nicely and softly and his touch caressed my skin lightly, creating shivers which reached my nipples. Soon, he picked me up with a strength I had not imagined and lay me down on the table. As I stretched my arms out and felt his lips on my breasts and neck, I stretched out and touched something. 

A few moments later there was a smash and one of the ceramic vases hit the floor. Jasper looked up, cursed and carried on, but any chance of me having any pleasure were slim, as I thought about the hefty price-tag afforded to his broken ceramic vase!  


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