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Hidden surprise

3:57 pm, Wednesday 17th December 2014

I walked into my apartment to see that my roommate had company. Your ordinary girl would turn away or head straight for the door, but I, I am no ordinary door. I stood and watched as her face lit up with satisfaction. A sense of envy swept over my body as her partner kissed those luscious lips of hers; as he made her make the faces of a woman who liked what she was receiving. If it weren’t for the adventurous spirit in me, I might have stayed hidden behind the columns in our living room and watched from the distance. However, I wanted what she was having and I wanted to be the one to make her feel the way she was feeling.
‘Good evening,’ I said, unbuttoning my shirt, slowly.

They both paused, shocked at the voice that came from behind them.
‘Inna!’ she exclaimed, pushing him away and trying to portray innocence that was no longer there. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d be home this early.’

‘I’d say I’m home just in time,’ I replied, lowering my shirt from my shoulders and tossing it to the floor.

There was no questioning whether or not the look on her face was one of approval. She’d confessed to me that since arriving in London and becoming my flat mate she’d love to see what an escort like me had in store. And now, she’d have the chance. Her boyfriend, Aaron, couldn’t pull his eyes away from my double D’s and thus, it was easy to conclude that I’d get nothing but a seal of approval from him.

‘Do you mind if I join?’ I asked, already tugging my skirt down over my hips.

Rather than answering, Ali, marched her way over to me, stared deep into my eyes and proceeded to rid me of the remainder of my clothing.

‘Do, I mind if you’d join? This is like a dream come true,’ she whispered, nibbling my ear, ever so gently.

I’d never seen her this fierce in the entire three years that we’d been living together. But if this was who she was when no clothes were involved, then I knew that I’d have to catch her in her birthday suit a lot more often.  Ali put on a show for her boyfriend, taking advantage of my body in ways I never thought she’d be capable of. Of course, he couldn’t keep his hands away for long and ventured closer to us, ensuring that our screams were heard by each person striding down the streets of London that night.

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