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8:38 pm, Monday 3rd November 2014

If I were to describe my perfect man, I’d use two words, naughty and energetic. I’m the kind of escort who loves to be taken for a ride and I’ve been told that I’m not the easiest kitty in the litter to be tamed. As a result, any man who steals my heart needs to come with a great deal of energy and a whole bunch of naughty. I believe that life is way too short to sit around and not live it to the fullest. There is never a weekend that goes by that I’m not taking London by the horns and exploring it to the very most of my ability.

Whether it’s partying with my girlfriends, enjoying a movie or checking out the many sights this wonderful city has to offer, you can bet that I’m having the time of my life. And what do I do when I’m not out and about? Well, you can guarantee that I’m still having fun. As an escort, I have the privilege of doing what I love and sharing with the men I see, the amazing talents that I’ve accumulated over the years. The way they say my name in the middle of an intense session and that look on their face when they say goodbye are two things that make me feel all fuzzy inside. Yes, I love to show guys what having a good time is all about and the more energy they have, the more fun we’ll have together. Whether I’m meeting with a client for an hour or spending the night, I like to ensure that outside of the vibrant conversation that they’re guaranteed to have when with me, they get to experience a side of life that’s filled with adrenaline, pleasure and above all, complete and utter satisfaction. I’ve never been the one to leave a man disappointed and that’s something that will never make it on my to do list. Instead, I’m keen on helping these wonderful London men to live out fantasies they never thought they’d be able to make a reality and you can bet that I always find a way to make things a little bit more naughty than they were intended to be. In return, my clients are left with a night they never forget and one they always look forward to repeating. I’m the escort who makes the wildest of dreams come true.

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