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1:03 pm, Tuesday 20th January 2015

Movie night with the girls is always the best. Because we’ve all got so much going on in our lives, it can be tough to find time to fit in a good movie. I know for sure that I usually tend to fall asleep as soon as I turn my DVD player on. So what’s different about when this night includes all my best girlfriends? Well, there’s quite a bit. No movie night has ever been approached without a great deal of fun promised. Outside of all gathering together and decided on what movies to watch, we get dressed up in sexy lingerie and come with an appetite ready to consume a few cocktails. For me, all I need to reboot is a good cocktail and the minute I get a sip, I’m ready to ‘get the party started’. My friend Emma and I are usually the more energetic ones. We’re both escorts and thus, we know how to keep the party sexy. As for keeping the other girls awake, we’ve got a few tricks that have never failed us.

Once, I remember our friend, Bethany, kept dozing off. Instead of giving her a little shrug to tell her to wake up, we had something better planned. Each time she nodded her head, and tried to get some rest, we’d rid her of one article of clothing. This wasn’t very hard because she was only dressed in lingerie. The hard part, however, came with trying to contain our giggles. I remember once we’d gotten her bra unlatched, there was a bit of a silent victory dance amongst us. But, of course, Bethany had no clue what was going on. Not until it was time to really wake her up. I took to the top half of her body while Emma was responsible for the bottom. I opened my lips and got a nice taste of her luscious breasts. She moaned in her sleep, perhaps thinking that she was just having a dream. However, Emma’s a real London wise girl who’s an expert escort and her lips on Beth’s lower region gave her the right amount of pleasure she needed to know that it wasn’t a dream at all. Things didn’t stop there, we thoroughly took care of Bethany before watching the rest of the movie. She loved each and every minute of what we did to her and a part of me thinks she might have fallen asleep just to have us pleasure her.

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