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Ginger finds a stud in a London cafe

7:27 pm, Friday 3rd October 2014

I love the way that Marlon laughs; the way his pearly white teeth seem to brighten up his face even more. Like many boyfriends of escorts he’s not a man of many words, but that doesn’t matter because if anything, it makes me like him even more. We first met two years ago on a very beautiful night in London at a coffee shop not too far from my apartment. He was working late, tapping away at his laptop and I had hopped in for one of those delicious lemon cakes that they make. I didn’t think that on my late night visit to satisfying my sweet tooth that I would end up satisfying a whole new need.

However, it was really hard not to notice him, especially considering he was the only person in the shop at that time. I watched him for a minute, interested in the way that he never lifted his head for a minute, and the way that he just seemed so focused on what he was doing. His butt was perfectly perched on the small stool and I couldn’t help myself but to picture it out of those blue jeans and tucked into a tight and sexy pair of boxers. I would have walked away imagining other things about him without saying hello, but then he looked up. His eyes met mine and then he flashed me the most amazing smile I’d ever seen and buried his head back into his work “little did he know that this London chick was a very hot escort underneath her innocent facade”. I took it as an invitation and headed over to say hello, releasing all my charms in just one sentence. ‘I’m Ginger, and you are?’

He reached out his hand and I took it. ‘Marlon,’ he said, placing a kiss on my soft skin and I melted, I melted completely away and I had to do it. I had to know what he tasted like. I had to know what he felt like and most of all, I had to know what he looked like without those jeans. So I did the only normal thing and I told him that my apartment wasn’t too far away and that he could get lots of fun work done there. Of course, with all my charm out, there was no resisting and Marlon allowed me to take him back to my apartment and introduce him to what a night without work looks like when he spends it with a naughty escort like Ginger.

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