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4:29 pm, Friday 6th February 2015

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Naughtiness is in my nature, just ask Gary about it. Some people have high school sweethearts, but I’ve never bought into that kind of thing. I like my men just as mysterious as I am. Don’t get me wrong, innocence can, be a mystery. It’s what I thought about Gary when I first met him he, loves playing with escorts and I’d been longing for a horny London buck to stroke my fancy in a way that leaves me breathless and well, I didn’t expect this quiet, reserved man to be the one to do it.

We took a trip to his apartment where he started things off with a glass of wine. I’m not much of a drinker as I don’t like to dull my sexual experiences with alcohol. But I took the drink, took a few small sips and asked Gary all the right questions. Surprisingly enough, he was a lot more open than I’d anticipated. And when I got light of that, I brought the questions to a whole new level of naughtiness. His wildest sex fantasies are the ones I wanted to fulfil and what better way to find out than to ask?
He told me all about how he’d love to have an escort tie him up and torture the pleasure out of him. Unfortunately, we weren’t at my house and so, handcuffs weren’t in our reach. But I’ve always been good at improvising and one trip to his closet gave me all I needed. Two belts and one silky tie. His face raged with curiosity as he anticipated what was to come. And when I secured his hand with that first belt, I saw his gorgeous thick cock grow with desire. His next hand was secured to the bed with the other belt and then it was time to muffle the groaning that would undoubtedly come. I straddled him, wrapped the tie around his mouth and tied it tightly and then began to brutally pinch his right nipple while crushing his scrotum with my other hand. Enjoying the pain Gary was now in heaven.

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