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4:54 pm, Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Exhaustedly, I strolled into my hotel room. It had been an exceptionally long night, to say the least. But being one who never misses a morning run, I just had to get out and drain the last molecules of energy I had. My eyes were already partially closed when I flopped down on the bed and thus, I hadn’t noticed that Mike was no longer tucked beneath the blanket, fast asleep.

I’d managed to close my eyes, if only for a few minutes, before his husky voice called out, ‘you’re back. Was wondering what on earth caused you to run away so early.’

I laughed, ‘I’d never run away from you, Mike. You know that.’

It was the truth, outside of the fact that this wonderful London client of mine was as funny and as charming as they come, he had something else that I’d never skip out on. They say you can tell how well endowed a man is by the size shoes he wears. But in Mike’s case, looks are wholly deceiving. How on earth was I to know that he had a width that would stretch me to the very extreme just by looking at his feet. That’s right- I had no idea. So, the previous night, when he unveiled himself, you can guarantee that I was the most shocked escort in the world. It took me a minute to really believe what I was seeing and to come to terms with the fact that he’s who I’d be enjoying that night. I can’t really say that I complained though. After all, I love challenges and if this challenge included being filled to the brim and having each and every part of my pleasure area caressed, then there really was nothing to complain about.

So, when he climbed on top of me, stared deep into my eyes and whispered sweet nothings in my ear, I was one of the happiest escorts on earth. Happy to be with someone so special in London and happy to have that someone want me just as much as I wanted him. There was a little bit of a struggle when it came to fitting something so big into something so small, but there was no shortage of foreplay and I quickly moistened up, allowing him to glide his way in and feed my desires with each and every inch of him.

And even though I was tired, when he walked into the room that morning, I just had to have more of him.

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