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4:52 pm, Wednesday 8th April 2015

Daniel was rich. His parents had unfortunately been killed in a car accident, so he lived in a huge house in several acres of manicured grounds and had taken over the family marquee rental business. 

Aged twenty-six and a single child, Daniel had grown up quickly and Candice one of girls who takes the bookings for the escorts warned me that he was struggling to trust women.  At our first meeting in a west London restaurant all he wanted to do was talk and have dinner and I was fine with that. A few of my clients only want companionship, whilst most want a whole lot more.

This time, he had bought a flat, not very far from me, as an investment. At least his head was screwed on! He let me in and appeared quite coy as he kissed me on both cheeks. As he showed me around, I discovered the flat was fairly large and the larger bedroom had been converted into a home cinema. He wanted to watch a film later on.

Daniel had actually cooked dinner. I hadn’t realised he had been training to become a chef and his eyes lit up when he talked about food. His personal tragedy had sent him off course, but he was planning to offer catering, along with the marquee hire. I thought it was a great idea and said so.

Daniel had cooked a Thai green chicken curry with rice and a selection of side dishes and my mouth was watering as we tucked in. We chatted about his work and plans and I managed to side-track some of his personal questions about my escort career. This was about him, not me!

Afterwards, we sank down in his plush leather sofa and his thoughts turned to other things. As soon as I clicked Daniel wanted to get down to some action during the film, I decided to take control. I stroked his leg and then we kissed. His next admission took me by surprise. Daniel had not had been with a woman for four years so was worried he was a little rusty. I did feel sorry for him and I said we would just take it easy. I touched him gently, until I could feel him relax and start to enjoy this experience.

Soon, Daniel was sated. He smiled as he grabbed a couple of bathrobes and asked. “Do you mind if I rewound the last thirty minutes of the film? Oh, and do you want any popcorn?”

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