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Crotchless panties

12:59 pm, Friday 27th February 2015

Elsa was a stunningly tall Swedish girl who possessed an hour-glass figure. She had recently split up with her girlfriend and wanted a lookalike for just one night whilst she was in London. My agency had taken down the details and thought I’d be exactly right for her needs.

Elsa wanted an emotional connection with me first. She could not go all the way unless she was fully relaxed and suggested we dined in the hotel restaurant. I was happy to be rewarded to listen to her story, eat a salad and drink champagne. I think the champagne helped and we continued our business in her room.

In the room, Elsa licked her lips and looked at my cleavage. She reached out and rubbed a nipple with her thumb. I could sense her rising excitement, so I asked her if she would like me to undress slowly, and she nodded, but then asked me to wait a moment. She hunted in a bag and passed me every escort’s favourite gift a pair of crotch-less panties and a half-bra she’d brought with her. I could keep them afterwards.

So I dressed up, as requested, and felt the cool silk caressing my skin. Elsa asked me to parade in front of her as she sat fully-dressed on the bed. I was starting to feel aroused as I bent over and showed her a clear view of my private area. I could hear her breathing start to change and she asked me to close my eyes, and to touch myself, whilst she undressed. I slowly brushed my hands over my body, stopping at the place between my legs.

Finally, Elsa asked me to come to her. When I opened my eyes, I almost gasped as she lay against the pillow, naked, with her legs open. Her skin was creamy-white and she possessed the most huge, pendulous breasts. How could she hide a figure like that? I knew she wanted my tongue on her and that was fine, but I would take my time, until she almost begged for release.

We kissed and her breath smelt of vanilla. Elsa became surprisingly heated in a short space of time and as her passion grew, I heard her muttering, and I think swearing, in Swedish. Before she came the first time, she touched me slowly whilst wearing the panties. Then she let herself go and brought out some toys she had brought. Of course, I happily obliged.

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