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6:07 pm, Wednesday 4th February 2015

Kip wanted the naughty professor and that was just what I was going to give to him. According to him, the reason he chose me as his escort was because I reminded him of a beautiful lady he’d had a crush on for some time. He said that he needed to work his way up to asking her out and he thought that spending some time with someone who reminded him of her would do the trick. Unfortunately for Kip, he had no idea that I would blow his mind in ways that this lady would never be able to.
‘I’m not called one of the best full-bosomed good time girls in town for nothing,’ I told him.
Though I’m sure he didn’t doubt my capabilities for a moment, I made a point in showing him just how great and how unforgettable I was.

I arrived at his London flat, late on Saturday night. Being a true gentleman, he had a nice bottle of champagne chilled and ready for his escort to devour. I sampled my drink, all the while watching as he eyed my attire.

‘You look spectacular,’ he finally managed, brushing my hair away from my face and planting a kiss on my cheek. ‘The things I want to do to you are spectacular,’ I teased him, running my hand up and down his thigh. I could feel him get excited and I knew then, that the night would come to a very good end. After a few glasses of champagne, we made our way into his office, where he sat at his desk like he usually did. I walked over to him, rubbed some stress out of his shoulders and whispered into his ear. He watched as I propped myself up onto his desk and placed my feet on his lap. Carefully, he removed one shoe and then the other, pausing before he glided me stockings down my legs. He kept staring at my ample breasts `I could tell that he liked what he saw’, because Mr. Talker, was definitely at a loss for words.
‘Go ahead and get undressed,’ I said to him. ‘I want to see you.’
Quickly, he removed each article of clothing, sat back down on the chair and watched as I teased him with my body. He even let out a few groans of desire before he’d been able to place a hand on my body. He wanted to fuck me and I was going to make him want me for a very long time.

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