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8:55 pm, Friday 3rd April 2015

Tuesday nights in London are, by no means, as enticing as the weekend nights for the escort glitterati. At least that’s what I thought until a few weeks ago. A spontaneous trip to a restaurant close to my apartment wasn’t supposed to leave me with a thrill unlike no other. Not wanting to slave over a meal in the kitchen, I decided that going out and grabbing a bite to eat was my best option. I’d been seated at a little corner booth where I could watch the traffic go by and reflect on my thoughts. It was peaceful, to say the least. And then, my waiter showed up and took my night for an incredibly wild turn. He placed my drink on the table in front of me and then tucked a napkin in my hand while stealing an extra look at my ample breasts. I didn’t think anything of it though I did find it strange that he handed me the napkin rather than placing it on the table. I examined the napkin, unfolded it and to my surprise, there was a note. 

The note read: What does it take to be with a girl like you?I smiled, and maybe blushed a little as I watched him walk away. He was a handsome looking guy. Strong features, incredibly kissable lips and a very firm butt. I reached into my purse and pulled out a pen. He wanted to play a game and I was very willing to play with him let’s face busty scarlet women like me know how to play. There was such a charm about what he’d done and I knew that he would indeed turn out to be a very interesting gentleman. What does it take to be with a guy like you? I wrote on the napkin. 

He arrived with my entre a few minutes later and before he had the chance to spin around and be on his way, I took hold of his hand and slipped the napkin into it. He opened it immediately, a wide smile taking control of his face. I could tell that he was at a loss for words. ‘Are you serious?’ He asked. ‘You asked the question first,’ I replied. ‘But I thought you’d just ignore it.’‘Did you want me to ignore it?’‘No,’ he shook his head. ‘Then hand me back the napkin.’ I retrieved the napkin from his hands, wrote down my address and said, ‘I expect to see you at my place when your shift ends.’

Of course he turned up and I showed him some of the best moves that an escort in her top draw! 

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