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Busty Dominica never disappoints

2:27 am, Sunday 14th September 2014

Balance is something that we, as human beings, need in our lives. To even out the down times, we need excitement and I am definitely one escort who knows how to put the excitement in her life. My job in London is, in and of itself, exciting. I get to meet so many new people, from all walks of life and I get to make new experiences with each corner that I turn. Due to this, I wouldn’t give up my occupation for the world.

One of my favorite things to do is to allow my clients to fully experience enjoyment. With a body that is undeniably sexy, they’re already given their first treat when I walk into the room. I like to put on a little show, turning on the music and getting in the groove. This is when they get to sample what they’ll be taking advantage of later in the night. I love this part of the night because I can see the fire burning in their eyes and it’s a fire that I know will only intensify.  I’ll strip, slowly, teasing them as I go along and if they’re nice, they’ll even get to touch the parts of me that their hands have been craving to get a hold of ever since they saw me. Then, once I’ve fully rid myself of all my clothes, it’s my turn to enjoy a performance. I like when my clients do the same as I’ve done, teasing me as the minutes pass by and boy does it get my adrenaline pumping when their pants hit the floor. It gets me so excited that I’ve just got to get my hands and my lips all over them and let them know just how much I want them. This is where the night really gets amazing. Their bodies on top of mine and mine on top of theirs. Screams filling the silent London night and blood rushing hard and fast through our veins. Before the night is over, I ensure that my clients have reached their peak multiple times and that when they walk out the door, they’re walking out completely fulfilled and in need of nothing more. This is something that I guarantee and because I’m so good at what I do, this guarantee is true for each man that walks into my life. Dominica’s never disappoints, this is something that all of my clients have grown to know and that’s what keeps them coming back for more of my sweet escort loving.

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