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Bedroom antics with Cleo

6:04 pm, Sunday 28th September 2014

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I have a very strange way of welcoming furniture into my London pied a terre, or at least that’s what the escorts at my agency say. You see, I love when my furniture gets a taste of what it will be going through for the next few years and thus, when I purchased my new, comfy and cozy bed, I knew there was one thing that I had to do. I called my friend Tim, who’s always up for a visit especially when I’ve got a special treat ready and waiting for him. I can’t tell if I was happier than he was because the look he had when he arrived at my flat is one that I’d never seen on him before. Out of breath, perhaps due to running all the way from his car to my door, he belted out ‘where is it?’ This made me laugh for a few minutes. His eyes were wide and I could tell that he really wanted to get to action.

‘Don’t you think you should have saved some of your energy Tim?’ I asked, muffling my laugh.

‘Oh, I’ve got lots more of energy ready and waiting for you my dear Cleo,’ he replied with more sincerity than imaginable.

‘Well, why don’t you follow me to the bedroom so that I can show you the new addition to my humble abode,’ I said, teasing him with each word. I knew I had to escort him to my bedroom as fast as possible before he blew up with excitement.

Tim walked into my dimly lit room to encounter the sweet lavender scent that fumed from my candles. On the bed, silky red sheets were carefully tossed with a tease of messiness from where I’d been sitting earlier. Tim glanced around, focusing on the bed for a minute before turning to me. He then reached for my hand and I allowed him to take it. Closer and closer, he pulled me in, introducing his soft, plump tongue into my mouth, before carefully pushing me onto the bed to complete the night just how it should be completed. A little over an hour later, the pillows were on the floor and the sheets were halfway removed from being tugged at repeatedly during our passionate ordeal. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t shake the feeling that my new bed has become increasingly more comfortable since acquiring a proper introduction to my home.

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