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7:09 pm, Friday 13th February 2015

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I had seen him before, lingering around the coffee shop where I spend my Saturday mornings. Time after time, he’d always have the same thing to drink. A tall cup of coffee, no sugar, no milk. As I observed him take sip after sip without flinching, I found myself wondering what such a London gent was like in bed. I know it might be slightly unnatural for a professional escort to fantasize about having sex with a perfect stranger but still… I allowed my imagination to soar. I wondered if he was as strong, as harsh as the drink in his mug. I wondered if he was sweet and silky, the way I took my drink. And though sitting and dreaming up a scene with this man wouldn’t answer my questions, it definitely worked to get my panties moist.

I told myself that if I saw him for the third week in a row that would be enough of a sign that I should make a move. Of course, he should have been the one to make a pass at me. But I’ve often been told by my mates at the agency that I intimidate guys with my looks and thus, it didn’t bother me to be the one who spoke first. Day after day, I went into the coffee shop, after work at night, before work in the morning, hoping to find this mysterious stranger. The first few days, I came up empty. Once, the barista told me that I’d missed him by a few minutes. Regardless, I went back on the weekend to try my luck and he was indeed there.

I put on my most confident smile, whispered into his ear and watched as the entire thing unfolded. He admitted that he came there to see me and we both laughed at how silly we were to stay away from each other for so long. We moved our advances from the quaint London coffee shop and into my apartment where I allowed him to do all the things he wanted to do too my body. In return, he permitted me to take care of him in all the right ways. It was a match made in heaven and a match that continues to blow each other’s minds until this day.
Whenever I’m feeling lonely, I know that I can count on this beautiful stranger to bring comfort to my bed and pleasure to my pussy. And he knows that I’ll do the same for his cock.

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