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8:40 pm, Sunday 1st February 2015

‘I’m Anelise,’ I said, reaching my hand across the table.
He took it and shook it firmly. A real man. I missed those. My vacation away from London was meant to be fun. But ever since I’d been on the island, I hadn’t had the kind of fun I was looking for. The city I live in has such great men; men who you know will make your night special the minute their eyes meet yours. But these guys, the ones who stared in my direction and insisted that I was ‘the woman they’d been waiting for their entire lives,’ they didn’t live up to my guys back home. So, when Gerry introduced himself in a manner that was very familiar, I was already sold. We got to talking and I learned so much about him in the few minutes that we sat at the restaurant. Like a true gentleman, he insisted that he’d cover the bill. I wanted to thank him for spicing up my night and showing me that not all hope was lost on this beautiful island. In order to do so, we needed a little bit of privacy.

‘Would you like to come back to my place?’ I asked him, feeling more nervous than I should have.
‘Would you like me to come to your place?’ He shot back, that cheeky smile not leaving his face for a moment.
‘Well absolutely,’ I nodded and that was that.
We strode out of the restaurant, hand in hand and down the street where he hailed us a cab. The ride back to my hotel was one that didn’t allow for either of us to take in the beautiful scenery of sky high palm trees lining the streets. Instead, we were busy taking each other’s breath away with the intensity of our kisses. I hadn’t felt that much passion in a while and instantly knew that I had made the right decision. I couldn’t wait for him to show me what he could really do.

Within a few minutes we were at my hotel. Our clothes came off within the blink of an eye and Gerry proceeded to rock my world all night long. Back home in London I’m usually the kind of escort who says goodbye at the end of the night, but something made me hold on to Gerry for a bit longer. I wanted so desperately to see what kind of power he’d take me with when the morning rolled around.

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