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A night with Simona

8:44 pm, Tuesday 7th October 2014

Only 19 years old, see Simona's profile


Since moving to London I have had my fair share of relationships. Some of them ended well and others ended a bit sourer than I would have hoped. However, with each relationship, I took away some very important things with me, things that I will have fun with my entire life. You see, I’ve always dated men who loved to have fun in the bedroom. A lot of them were exceptionally experienced and incredibly talented. Being a learner, I never ceased to take advantage of the things that these London guys taught me and in return, I’ve become an escort who has more tricks up her sleeve than one can imagine.

Needless to say, the men in my life are never left feeling unsatisfied. No matter how many nights we spend together, I’ve got something new, something exciting and something mind blowing to introduce them to. This is just one of the things that makes me as much fun as I am and one of the reasons why it’s so hard for men to let go of me.

Though there truly is a lot more that goes into a relationship, sex is a very important part of being happy with who you’re with and where you are. I believe that every woman should go the extra mile to make her man feel wanted, to make him feel loved and to always keep him satisfied. And in return, a man should do the same thing for his woman. See, it’s all about equality, and I like satisfying as much as I like being satisfied.

‘A night with Simona is a night I’ll never forget,’ is what my ex-boyfriend Derrick used to say each and every time we parted ways. He is one of the men who has taught me a lot about the male anatomy and I’ve been able to learn an immense amount and I know that I’m a better lover because of it. Even though we’re no longer together, sometimes I get a phone call from Derrick telling me he’s in London and asking me if I’d like to learn a new trick or two from him. These phone calls are ones I don’t dare say no to because I’m fully aware of the fact that he’s got a lot to teach and I’m an escort who is always ready to learn.

All these tactics that I’ve picked up as well as a few that I’ve developed on my own are the things that keep my clients coming back for more.

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