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   Who we are

    I'm going to take this opportunity to introduce the Peachy escorts agency London team to everybody, just so you know that you, our cherished customer, are in good hands. :)

    We are a team of professionals, knowing the London escorts industry inside out. The fact that we have different backgrounds British included helps us to understand and appreciate the variety of cultures and different views that results from the wonderfully cosmopolitan diversity of people that come to us.

   Why choose a Peachy escort

    Thou we are young and restless we've been around the London escort scene for a while and we have learned sometimes the easy, other times the hard way the demands of our clients and of the lovely female escorts in London who collaborate with us. Even thou in some effects this is a business like any other, in the same time working with people is one of the most challenging things. Everybody is unique and has individual views and we welcome all the different needs of anybody coming to us to arrange a date with one of the exquisite ladies that we represent.

    We appreciate RESPECT and SERIOSITY and treating people in consequence is one of our main rules. We are aware that HONESTY brings CREDIBILITY so with us what you see is what you get. We know that these are hard times for everybody in London and around the world, so rest assured that you will get VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY and there are no hidden extra charges.
    When choosing a escort agency service we understand that discretion is very important to you so we will answer with CONSIDERATION, PROMPTITUDE and DISCRETION to any of your requests. We believe that ATTENTION TO DETAIL can make a big difference and we are working hard so that every little particular is considered and your experience turns out perfect.

    The Peachy escorts agency London staff aim to offer a QUALITY companionship SERVICE, from the moment we pick up the phone, all the way to and thru your date and also after, when we will appreciate your reviews and when we will include you in our big and happy family, with the benefits that come from it once you decide to become our regular visitor and our friend.

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Review by TheBigKipper on 09/18/2014 (1 hr Incall)

sweet. thin. petite.  

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Review by Mark on 09/12/2014 (1 hour Incall)

Just WOW this girl is amazing. Great personality, a bit of a freak:) also v attractive with curves in all the right places:)  

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Review by Ferrari on 09/09/2014 (1 hour Incall)

The most beautiful blonde tall girl I have ever seen.She looked amazing.Very attractive young lady. 

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Review by Rich on 09/11/2014 (1hr Incall)

She's tiny. And super-cute. Facially she is very pretty indeed - there's no-photo-shopping on the photos at all. Her body is very firm and toned in all the right places. There's not an ounce of fat on her. She's also very chatty, very friendly and easy to laugh with - she laughs very easily, which is great. 

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Review by Omar on (1h Incall)

I went to see Angel at the recommendation of the agency and I must say that I was blown away by her beauty from the moment she opened the door. She is stunning! Slim frame, elegant movements, a beautiful face and bewitching smile. 11 out of 10!  

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                        Why the best escorts in London are @ Peachy



     At Peachy escorts London we understand well that a happy girl equals a happy client, so we always go the extra mile to make sure that our London girls are happy and looked after. We are a big family, united in the purpose to be the best at what we are doing and we are doing all of that always with a genuine smile on our face and with an open mind and heart. 

     Our escort agency London team provides a 24 hour service and personally interview and train every single lady that collaborates with us. We regularly visit the incall escort locations to ensure that the ladies apartment is sufficiently luxurious and suites our customers' needs. We only deal with educated serious girls who are not only stunning women with a great body but they are also kind, friendly and with a big heart. 

     We have different girls coming from all around the world, unique looks and individual approaches to life, there is something for everybody, whether you are looking for a relaxed chilled out experience or for a wild party one of the best escorts in London.

     What our young ladies all have in common is honesty, discretion and passion for the most sensual things in life.

     Oh, yeah... and they are all HOT HOT HOT, each of them in her own way, any of these girls is guaranteed to blow your mind! Different kind of shapes and sizes, all wonderfully SEXY and SENSUAL, warm lips, soft skin and appetizing curves, our London escort babes will take you to the Wonderland! There's who's NAUGHTY and who's SWEET, who is cheeky or more well behaved, but you can rest assured that at the end of the time spent with any of our lovely London girls, you will be a satisfied man with a sparkle in his eyes.













This site is of an adult nature. Do not enter if you are under 18 years old. Any offer implied or inferred within this site is not to be taken as an inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship. If anything else may occur it is a matter of choice between two consenting adults.

Sunday 21st of September 2014 01:01:16 AM

London, 15.07.14


Dear Miss Peachy,

 I was thinking to book one of your escorts for a trip outside London at the end of August. How can I do that? James.


Dear James,

Thank you for your enquiry,  we have a wide selection of escorts that are more than happy to travel out of London or even outside the UK. What you need to do first of all is decide the date and length of your trip, as many of our girls have planned or are planning their summer holidays at the moment. Also, more notice you can give us better it is, as many of our escorts  have a quite spontaneous way about them and often they decide to take of at the last minute, so it is always better for them to know that they have a longer booking confirmed, so they can plan around it.

Than you have to decide the destination of your booking, because a few of our girls might need visas for some destinations outside the UK. Our team at Peachy Escorts Agency is happy to deal with the process of obtaining the visa for the lady you choose, but please do allow the necessary time for that to be organised.

Depending of where you would like to travel with one of our London escorts, there will be a minimum length of time accepted for the booking which we can discuss once we have the destination details.

Getting to the fun part, choosing the right one between the many escorts listed in our London galleries will probably be the most interesting part. 

You can always describe what you like in a girl and what kind of escort service you expect and we are happy to come up with a few suggestions. You can also have a look on our website and make a list with the girls you like. You will find all the info needed on each one of the girls’ profiles and if you need to know more please feel free to ask for our advice at any time.  Also, in order to make sure that you have made the right choice,  it might be a good idea to book the escorts that you like for a couple of hours of fun in London, so you can get to know all the ones that appeal to you and make an informed decision.

So once you know with whom, where and how long for you will travel there’s the practic details to be sorted. We will discuss with the girl of your choice the fees for your booking and come up with an estimate.  We will always make an effort to look after you the best way possible. Once the price has been agreed with both you and the escort,  we will need half of the amount paid with a bank transfer into our account, upfront of your departure. The other half is payable cash straight to the lady when your journey starts. There is also the option to pay the full amount by bank transfer if you find that more convenient.

You must also provide us with a return ticket on the name of the escort that is coming away with you and also the prove of reserved accommodation for the full length of the trip.

Once all of that is sorted, please feel free to make any requests that you would like us to forward to the lady, if you have any dressing suggestions for example of anything else that you would like the girl to accommodate for you.

As you know, here at Peachy we have the best escorts London can offer and what makes us the best is our attention to detail and the fact that our client’s happiness is always our priority.

That being said, we are looking forward to hear from you so we can arrange further.











London, 19.06.14



Dear Miss Peachy,


Me and my boyfriend have been together for a couple of years now. We decided to leave our country and look for better jobs elsewhere so here we are, living quite a boring life in this big city. Our days are all one like the other , he works his arse of as an IT consultant and I have changed a couple of random jobs in the search for the perfect job for me. Something that would bring me enough money and some satisfaction as well… Turns out it wasn’t that simple as nothing seamed to really make me happy…

Me and my boyfriend have been tempted by the idea of meeting a couple of escorts since last year when we came to London. We both thought it might chase away to boredom and bring some spice in our love lives. We talked about it many times but never went through with it… But all those chats of ours gave me an idea… What if I was to be one of those escorts that were smiling at us from the pages of various specialised websites? After all, the idea of escorts seamed to excite my boyfriend and I bet I could make some nice money out of it here, in London. That being said, without mentioning anything to my boyfriend, I send a few job applications to a couple of escort agencies and one of them called me in for an interview.  After I was asked a few questions about my background and what made me consider joining an agency, I have been explained what was expected from me as one of the high class escorts on the books of an agency in London. They told me that they were happy to collaborate with me so now I needed to sort out a few practical details… Most important of all was easing my boyfriend into it…

As I knew what he loves and when he is more likely to agree with anything I wanted to do, I made sure I had pissed him off so much earlier in the day, and it was time for me to be punished. My boyfriend and I fight a lot. We fight about who left the TV on and whose turn it was to empty out the dishwasher. Why do we fight about these silly things? Well, for one, there's nothing serious to fight about. And, secondly, we crave makeup sex;  sex so intense that it can be described as nothing but 'mind-blowing'. I was the one who left the TV on and I wanted him to punish me for it. I actually wanted him to punish me for being a bad girl and considering to become an escort, but he didn’t know it yet. Only I knew it and my little secret made me feel like a dirty slut and made me so horny…

'Harder,' I demanded. 'Fuck me harder.' I had been a bad girl and deserved some harsh treatment. I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could and for as long as he could. To get things even more heated up, he got out my whip, and didn't hesitate to strike a few lashes across my perfectly plump ass. I loved it, I loved it so much that I begged for more. . He held me by the hip, and pulled me forcefully back onto his cock and I felt the pain that was accompanied by the beautiful sensation that graced my pussy as his strong cock made its way over my gspot, his pulsing veins adding an extra tough. 'I want you to fuck me like your life depends on it,' I yell at him and he did, he grabbed me and invested all his energy into punishing me, just the way I like it. 'Are you gonna leave the TV on again?' he yelled. 'Always, as long as you fuck me like this, I'll leave the TV on, every day for the rest of my life.' A smile approached his face, but was quickly swept away as his mouth widened and he let out a groan that complemented his climax. One more stroke was enough for me to fall into the same ecstasy he was enjoying. We held each other tightly as our orgasms took over our bodies.

Now was the right time for me to give him the good news… He just fucked one of the newest escorts in town and I was ready to take London by storm. Well, turns out he was quite excited with the news… So excited that he gave it to me hard, strong and merciless, again and again until we both collapsed powerless and drained of all our body juices…  Being an escort in London was already turning out to be quite fun. J

The sex we had that night is one that should be put down in record books, its one that he'll have to try to live up to, because I intend on being a very, very, naughty girl for a very long time. And as for him, I am sure that he's going to get up to something naughty too and thus, I have to prepare to make sure that the punishment I serve him with, matches the exceptional performance that he put out that day.


Hope you and your readers will like my story.

Love, The Newcomer



Dear Newcomer,


Welcome to Peachy Escorts and good luck in your adventure as one of the naughty girls that made the choice to become escorts in this beautiful place that London is. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun and, btw,  sounds like your boyfriend is such a lucky man! Looking forward to hear more of your sexy confessions. 








London, 11.06.14

Dear Miss Peachy,


My name is Lory and I am one of those escorts who always loved London because of it’s infinite opportunities to be really dirty and slutty. I love having my pussy tended to by a nice, big, juicy cock and when I first decided to become a working girl I immediately thought that London is the perfect place to start looking for a male partner together with whom I could entertain my clients.

One rainy cold night one of my escort friends invited me to a party…  And there I met Tommy.  He was this tall hunky guy and as soon as I laid my eyes on him I started to imagine the most dirty and enticing fun we could have together and just how much would my customers love to see me fooling around with that handsome man.  I could already see us being very busy in London as a male-female escorts couple. My pussy was wet only thinking of the unspeakable things that I would do to him and the thought of somebody watching us was even more exciting.

So I decided to get to action. As the party was finishing, I asked him if he could walk me home. The closest way was through the park and if you've ever been to a park in the capital when it rains, you'll realize that there's pretty much no one in sight. I told him I would feel safer if he would come along. And so he did…

As soon as we found ourselves alone and out of anybody’s sight, I turned around and kissed him. My kiss was full of passion and the way I pushed my body into his left no place for misinterpretation. He knew I wanted him and I was going to have him. Right then and there.  After all, being one of the most popular escorts in town gave me all the self confidence I need to always get what I want.

Everyone hides away from the rain, but Tommy and I were keen on taking this gift from mother nature and using it as some extra natural lubricant. The grass was nice and slippery and it felt great to lay my bare body against it. Tommy's erect penis was wet with the water from the rain, and soon after, wet with a combination of rain water and sweet pussy juices. I could moan as loud as I wanted to, as there was no one there to shoot me disapproving looks. He kissed my neck and slid his massive cock inside me, and my toes curled as he continuously hit my g spot. I put on my escort demeanour, and took charge in the way that I usually do with my clients. This turned Tommy on even more, as I could see that he's usually the dominant one. With his back against the tree, he waited impatiently for me to straddle him and allow my pussy to encompass the entirety of his manhood. He squeezed my tender breasts as I slid down on him with a force that he never knew I was capable of. He was so deep inside me and it felt so great. Soon, I was in for the biggest treat, my orgasm was approaching faster and faster and I could feel, by the way that the veins in his cock pulsed that he wasn't too far away from climaxing either. He then wrapped his arms around me tightly and I wrapped my arms around him, and suddenly, it struck me, an orgasm so great that I felt my vagina pulsing even an hour after our sweet session in the park. Once we were home and had gotten all dried up, we engaged in another passionate experience. However, this time, our screams didn't go unnoticed as I'm certain that my neighbours heard more than they wanted to, through the super thin walls of my apartment.

When all this was over, I told him that I was working as a professional companion and asked him if he wanted to have some more fun and also make some money with it, by being my escort partner while I was touring in London. I told him that there aren’t many couples like us out there and we could make a hell of a team. Turns out he loved the idea and said yes…

So here I am,  dear Miss Peachy, asking you if there’s any chance we could advertise on your Agency’s website?



Dear Lory,


I must confess that not many escorts I have met in London can write like you do so first of all thank you for sharing your erotic adventure with us. I am sure that all our friends will appreciate it. I also think that seeing a woman and her man engaged in an erotic foreplay is the fantasy of many of us, our customers included. So I will definitely think of a way to promote you and Tommy as a couple on our agency.  Until then, I hope I will receive more of your stories. I find them delicious.




London, 16.03.14




Dear Miss Peachy,

I am a married man in my early 50 and for quite a while now I've been having my innocent fun browsing the internet for sexy pictures of the most beautiful busty escorts that I can meet in London.
There are many escorts in London that are naturally busty but the sight of an enhanced chest is what winds me up. :) the image of a pretty girl with two perfectly shaped breasts gets my pulse running and all I can think of is how much fun I would have if I only had the chance to meet one of these amazing young ladies.
I am a righteous man and family is the most important thing for me, so while I always desired to have a little escapade my principles always stopped me from doing so. But more I wanna restraint myself from craving a clandestine encounter more the lust for this forbidden act is tormenting my being. The extent of my frustration is so big that last night, going to sleep after having a pick at your website, I had a dream that made me wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty, with my heart racing and a painful bonner...
I dreamed about Jeanie... The sexiest between the most apetising busty babes. This girl is made for sin and man, how close I am to fall into sin with her.
For the ones that haven't seen her, Jeanie is this stunning twenty something beauty and her enhanced E cup bust is perfection. In my dream she is greeting me at the door completely naked, just with a pair of high hills on and a naughty smile... At the sight of her huge boobs I cannot control my basic instincts so I lift her up, put an anxious peck on her lips and take her to bed. Surprised and aroused by my lack of control, she pushes me back strongly and says to me:
'You are a naughty boy, so you will be punished. Take all your clothes off, now!'
I submit to her order and throw on the floor my perfectly groomed suit, shirt and tie. I am left in my white boxers that betray my excitement. I stop and look at her, I cannot help staring at those wonderful breasts. She notices what I am looking at and comes closer. I try to touch when her dominating glaze pierces my eyes.
'I said ALL your clothes, you dirty bitch!', she whispers while still staring deep inside my soul. I obey and take off my underwear, revealing my swollen member that leaks with precum. She looks at it with a cruel satisfaction in her eyes and asks me to lie down on her bed.
The borders of her bed are perfectly fit for someone to be tied up and that's what Jeanie does to me. I am now helpless, my hands and legs tied tight on the rail of her bed, tiny little man at the mercy of his sexy mistress. For a moment I panic, wondering how wise it was for me to be in such a vulnerable situation, in the company of this stranger. I wondered if all women who escort treat their clients like that...
But all my doubts vanished when she got on top of me and started to pour oil on her amazing boobs. Here she was, the woman of my dreams, so close to me, massaging her breasts and her now erect nipples and I could't even touch her. She kept massaging her chest and pinching her nipples with one hand, while the other was now caressing her pussy. All her body was oiled, up her cheeks were red with excitement, I could hear her deep guttural moans and I was feeling that I am about to die of lust. I was craving for some attention...
She must of noticed the helpless throbbing of my paintfully erect cock and felt pity for this poor bastard, cause she changed her position in the way that my erection was now comfortably positioned in the middle of her huge oiled breasts. She stated to tit fuck me while looking deep inside my eyes... One of her hands was playing with my balls and occasionally she had one finger teasing my anus. In the moment that her finger slipped inside me and her boobs increased their rhythm on my cock, I felt that I am about to die of pleasure and my wife and everybody else will find out how I died but I didn't care. I just wanted to unload my semen on the chest and in the face of this merciless girl that had me on my knees in a way that no other woman ever did before.
Oh dear, that's exactly when I could hear the bathroom door slamming and I woke up confused and in an undescribable frustration. If only my dream would of lasted one minute more...

Hope my confessions won't scandalize you too much... Just felt the need to put my feelings out there, in the hope that either one day my dirty thoughts will disappear or I'll grow a pair and pass to facts.
Regards, John

Dear John, 

Thank you for sharing. I am sure that our readers will love your story. And don't beat yourself up. It is absolutely normal to fantasize about a Peachy girl, after all our young ladies are the most bewitching escort girls available in London. I am sure that time will help you sort out your hidden desires, in a way or another. Hope to hear from you soon. ;) 

28.11.13, London



Mr Naughty’s Cynical Guide to punting-first chapter

Today is Monday… Beginning of the week…  Most people hate it ; I, on the other hand, can’t wait to get out of the house in the morning and head for the office. Won’t go into detail, but I have quite an interesting job.  I get to see people at their lowest and at their highest and I contribute to all of that… Yeah, quite cynical way of going thru life, but I love the power that I have and really have fun using my influence and rather moody character to see just how low can somebody go in order to reach their own little goals… At the end of everyday I drag my tired arse home covered with hopeless kisses from loads of insignificant people.

Oh, and that’s not all. As all respectable rich women lovers I got at home a young wife, 30 years my junior, a closer age to the  two teenage kids from my previous marriage than to my respectable middle age. He he he! Lucky me ;) She is a greedy bitch so everyday I make her work hard that tight pussy and pert derriere of hers for all the favours that she’s being blessed with…

As you can see, I’m quite a fulfilled man. Fat bank account, two beautiful children that I love to bits and are never around long enough to bust my balls , a great job which allows me to walk my big shoes all around Central London’s  fancy venues frequented only by the city’s high class charming inhabitants. And last, but not least, my beloved wife, Andruscha.

You will ask me why should this story of mine be interesting for anybody related to the escorting scene in London.

Well, this is the story of how one of the most dirty escorts London used  to have on it’s books became my respected wife… This aims to show both hard working girls and their punters that dreams do come true. Sometimes. But as they say, be careful what you wish for…

It was another Monday morning a few years ago and I was at my desk doing some really boring paper work when I came across the pictures of this stunning blonde with a porn star look. Perfectly shaped busty figure, long legs and just a pair of black pvc thongs to cover her shame. She had a provocative smile and a phone number next to a little text describing herself… ‘I offer forbidden pleasure to very naughty boys …’

I could feel my manhood reacting and thought to myself: ‘this could turn out to be an interesting lunch break for Mr Naughty… ‘ I picked up the phone and dialled her number.  Her soft voice and sexy foreign accent had me at ‘hello’ … I set up an appointment and in one hour time here I was, A horney man knocking at her door and for some reason feeling my hands sweating and my heart trembling like I was a fucking teenager.

The door opened and there she was, this tall sexy blonde, dressed in a tight and short latex dress, long black boots, a mask over her face, two eyes that seemed to be hiding a naughty secret and a leather whip in her right hand that looked like it could cause some serious pain.

My mouth was wide open with surprise. This was not what I signed in for. My mind was telling me that I should walk away, but my senses were intoxicated by these strong sexual vibes that seamed to be attracting me into this beautiful woman’s unknown word.

‘Hello, she said with that out of this world voice. You sounded like a very naughty boy that could use some disciplining’…

My knees were weak and it was like I floated in, against my will, entering a forbidden dimension.


                                                                                        ~~~ to be continued~~~


20.11.13, Dublin


Dear Miss Peachy,

I have been together with my boyfriend for three years now. In a couple of weeks is his birthday and I am thinking to surprise him by inviting one of the bisexual sweeties listed on your site out on a date with us. I have never done everything like this before and I just wonder how he would react... I have caught him a couple of times watching lesbian porn and I would think that being together with two girls is one of his fantasies. Do you think that hiring the services of one of your escort girls would be the right way to go about it?

Looking forward to your reply, Antonella.

Dear Antonella,

You mentioned that it would be your first time doing something like this. It wasn't clear if it would be the first time having some fun with your boyfriend and another woman or the first time hiring the services of an escort in London.
I think that before thinking of the reaction that your boyfriend could have you should think if being with another woman and sharing intimate moments with her and your man is really something that you are comfortable with. You are saying that this would be one of his fantasies, the question is would this be one of your fantasies as well? You need to remember that, even if this if meant to be a gift for him, there are three people playing this game and they all need to have fun.
If the answer to these questions is yes, than going for one of our real bisexual escorts is the definitely the way to go. We are talking here about some of the most experienced girls. They are professional, friendly and will know just which are the right things to do in order to put both you and your boyfriend at ease and offer you a hot memory that you will remember forever. Choosing to do this with one of our companions means that, beside having a lovely time, you have maximum discretion guaranteed and no strings attached.

So do I think you should go for it? Hell yeah! But just as long as you want it just as much as you think your boyfriend does.

Oh, and about your concern regarding his reaction? I personally still have to meet a man that hasn't dreamed, at least once in his life, about having fun with two girls at once. ;)

Love, Miss Peachy




15. 11. 13 London

Dear Miss Peachy,


I finally decided to have my first experience with an escort and I would like to book one of your ladies. The problem I have is that there are so many girls that look beautiful on pictures, but how can I make sure that they will provide a good service and that I will not be left disappointed by my encounter?



Dear Daniel,


Your question has a complex answer… Yes, there are so many beautiful girls on our website and yes, there is a lot to consider when you choose the right lady for you. 

First of all, you need to know that all the pictures on our website are professional, so sometimes you will see a slight difference between the pictures and the real person.  But I can assure you that, here, at Peachy Escorts agency,  we interview all our ladies within the first couple of days that they have applied for the job. We check that the girl in the pictures really is girl that we interview, that the pictures are recent and, even if professionally photoshopped,  we make sure that none of the girl’s original features has  been dramatically modified. So what I’m trying to say is that if they are on our website then the pictures are a correct representation of the girls that you’ll choose to meet.

In order to help you choose the girl with whatever characteristics you prefer we have created our escort galleries, that you can find on the top of the left handside of any page, once you click Quick Search. You will find listed there all the girls that correspond to a certain category. We have gallerys for slim, tall, blonde, brunettes, bisexual, late night, busty escorts in London and others that I’m inviting you to check out for yourself.

Once you  have chosen one or a few of the girls that you like, I’d suggest that you read her reviews and see what the encounter was like for the other punters that have met that particular lady. If that did not have you clear on which young lady you would like to see, me or my colleague are always happy to tell you more about the girls you are interested in, so feel free to call and enquire at any time.

We always make sure that we have listed on our website only the best courtesans available and we rely on our girls to help build and keep our good reputation, so there’s a big chance that you will be a really happy man at the end of your date.  Of course, unforeseen situations that are out of our reach can always happen and in that case we do try to deal with them in the best interest of our customer.

With all of that being said, all it’s left for you to do now is book the lady that you like and have the time of your life with her. I am sure that you’ll be pleased to have chosen Peachy! 


                                                              Kind regards, Miss Peachy





Dear Miss Peachy,

It's been a couple of weeks now since my four years girl friend left me... She met another guy at work and she claims she's all confused and doesn't know if she should be with him or with me. She moved out of our flat and now we see each other every other day. One day she says she loves me, the other that she thinks the other guy is the one.
I am a nice guy and would never do wrong, but this whole thing left me feeling lonely and confused and with my self confidence to bits.

It's been a while that I've been looking at your website and am thinking to see one of your sexy girls the next time I visit London. Do you think that resorting to this is the right thing to do for a guy in my situation?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Dear Andy,

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your love life and thank you for your email. Now... You are the only one that has the right answer to your question. I mean yes, here at Peachy you will find a lot of temptations as we have on our lists the best London girls. And yes, meeting a beautiful young lady, besides being sexy and fun can also burst your confidence and make you feel better, at least for a while.

But if you feel that the story with your ex is still going somewhere and that seeing an escort will harm your chances of being together than maybe you should wait until you are sure, before doing something that would make you feel guilty.

On the other hand, think that life is short and everybody deserves to live it in the best way possible. Give your heart what it asks for and if that is some naughty time with one of our beautiful escorts in London, remember that Miss Peachy is always at the other end of the line, waiting for your call!

Wishing you lots of luck and love, Miss Peachy





Dear Miss Peachy,

I will be in London the next week for a few days and I was thinking of booking one of your beautiful ladies for an evening out. Between the many escort honeys I've seen one of them really caught my eye. She looks like the girl of my dreams and I really would like to meet her. Her name is V***** and she is listed on your website as one of the most highly recommended girls.
I really want to make sure that our date is a memorable one for both of us and I was thinking of a romantic dinner and maybe a nice lounge bar to have some drinks before we have our private time.
Where I was hoping to get your help was here. It is my first time in London and my day if full with business meetings, so it will be really difficult to plan the evening myself. Is there any chance that I could count on you to make all the necessary arrangements?
If so it would be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance, Robert

Dear Robert,

Thank you for booking with us and yes, you have come at the right place and you are in very good hands.

We do offer a conscience service and I personally, helped by my professional team, will be more than glad to help you plan your evening. We will book your table at the restaurant and also your booth/table at a bar or club of your preference. We are happy to help with your travel arrangements as well and also with anything else you have in mind. ;) in order to do so, we will need to arrange a convenient time for a short phone call, just so we can understand what are your tastes and what's suitable both for you and the escort you have chosen to accompany you on your night out in London.
It is actually our pleasure to advice and arrange the perfect date for our clients.

Being in London for quite a while now and loving to be out and about is always an advantage when it comes to knowing the best venues for whatever kind of arrangements you have in mind. We are always determined to provide our cherished customer the best service possible, whatever that means.

And I will also tell you a secret: our beautiful babes are always very excited to spend a night out with a discerning gentleman and besides being gorgeous and naughty fun is another thing they are good at, so with us dealing with all the details all it's left for you to do is enjoy!

Love, Miss Peachy



London, 27.10.2013


Dear Miss Peachy,

I recently tried to make an incall booking with one of your girls. I am a married man and do not feel comfortable giving out my mobile number, as I am worried my wife could find out about my little hobby. Do not misunderstand me, I am a complete gentleman and I love and respect my family, I just need a bit of a distraction once in a while. So every now and than, when my work takes me to London, I use the services of an escort agency. This time I wanted to see one of the ladies listed on Peachy, but the receptionist insisted that I would give her my mobile number and refused to make a booking without it.
I am a bit confused and find it unfair, could you kindly advice?

Many thanks, John Smith

Dear John,

Thank you very much for contacting us and also for choosing to book one of our escorts in London. I am very sorry that you had difficulties booking with Peachy. Every person that calls is really important to us and we will always do all we can to fulfil your requests in the best way possible.
Unfortunately not booking an incall from a caller that has an unknown or private number is one of our policies. We also do not accept incall bookings from landlines or cabin phone numbers either unless the caller agrees to provide us with his mobile contact number.
By doing so we are trying to assure that the booking goes thru smoothly for both the client and the girl involved. We need to be able to contact you just in case you have not arrived in time or if the girl has a bit of delay for example.
I guess when you are using an escort service there needs to be some trust between the two parts involved. We are trusting you that you will be a gentleman and that the escort is safe in your company. You need to trust our discretion and that we are always sensible about contacting any of our clients.
What I am trying to say is that previous to your appointment with any of the escort girls listed on our website, we will only contact you if we agreed so or if there's a very important thing that we need to communicate. Also, once your appointment has finished we delete your details and do not contact you again. We do not have any advertising campaigns where we use our customer's phone numbers, you will not receive any promotional texts or calls, we do not keep records of our clients unless they become regulars and they agree so.

Basically my point is that you absolutely do not need to worry about us using your contact in any way. We are always very discrete and thoughtful and we have great respect for everybody's personal life.
So if you are still thinking to book a lady at your next visit in London, do not forget that we are a trustful and well established agency and that you will find the escort chicks with the best reviews only here, at Peachy!

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best, Miss Peachy



London, 4.10.13

Dear Miss Peachy,

I promised to follow up with chapter 2 of my adventures with Danny so here we go…

After the short but intense moment that we shared in the changing room at the sex shop, we went home and, as I said before, Danny took off to see one of her clients and left me alone and fantasising about the next time I’ll feel her hot body next to mine…

But the life is never as planned and even less if you are one of the most popular female companions… The day after Danny was packing her bags. She was leaving for a week somewhere on a beach with one of her regulars. Damn, I was left with the desire and the expectation.

That week passed by so slowly and I couldn’t wait for her to be back. In a way, I couldn’t wait to have her near, to be able to touch her,  to finally give peace to my restless body which was more consumed with lust as days passed by. On the other side, as days were getting by, I started to wonder if she wanted this as much as I did… What if for her it was just a moment in time? After all, escorts can sometimes really enjoy something for a second and than move on really fast…

The night before she was supposed to return I decided to take a warm bath and go to sleep early. Escorts in London loose a lot of sleep so when I have a free night I like to take advantage of it and get as much rest as I can. I filled my tube and soaked in, allowing my tensed body to relax. I could feel  the heath of the water taking over my senses. It felt so good, so comforting… I filled my sponge with soap and passed it on my neck, on my chest,  over to my perfectly shaped breasts… the roughness of the sponge against my soft warm skin made my nipples painful… they were now as strong as two little stones and somehow, as I was circling with my soapy sponge around my breasts, I could feel a tension building up in the lower part of my body.  So much for a relaxing bath…

My body took control over my whole being and I could do nothing less but obey… I had the sponge now between my legs and the slippery sensation of the soap was so exciting… I couldn’t resist anymore. I dropped the sponge and started to touch myself. By now I had my own juices causing the wetness between my legs as my thumbs were caressing my woke up clit. I could feel the orgasm building up as I slipped two of my fingers deep inside my pussy and started to move them up and down with the frenzy of someone who couldn’t wait a second longer for the sweet fulfilment.

 I could feel my body shaking violently and the inside of my vagina vibrating strongly around my fingers. For a moment I lost the awareness of what was surrounding me as I was experiencing  one of the strongest orgasms I ever gave myself and out of my lips escaped one word: ‘Danny…’

‘Yes baby, I am here… ‘  A voice replied from far away. I opened my eyes in disbelief and there she was, the object of my passion,  looking at my wet, soapy naked body.  I quickly took my hand away from my femininity and grabbed a towel to cover myself.

‘God, Danny, how long have you been watching? ‘ My voice sounded deep, soft, unfamiliar.

‘Long enough to have my questions answered…’ 


                                                                                        ~to be continued~


London, 12.07.13

Dear Miss Peachy,


A strange, unexpected thing happened to me the other day and I just thought I’d share it with our friends…

You know all those times when, working as a high class escort, me and my friend, let’s call her Danny, had a duo job together and how we would limit ourselves at a show, because none of us had any lesbian experience before?

You know how many time you’ve told us that, especially as  escorts, we need to explore our sexuality?

Well, all those times that we looked into each others eyes and felt our bodies close one to another during our shows didn’t prepare me for the amazing thing that happened between us  the other day.

Outside the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day, work was quiet so we thought we’d go and do some shopping. I needed some uniforms and some toys from the sex shop and Danny was lacking a big sized black strap on from her collection, for the BDSM session with a regular client that she was meeting that night.

As we walked into the shop the sales adviser couldn’t get his eyes away from us…  For the ones that haven’t met her, my friend Danny is one of the most beautiful escort babes ever.  She is brunette, tall and slim, huge breast and endless legs.  As for myself, how about a natural blonde, blue eyed with and athletic complexion and a smile that could melt an iceberg?

As I said, I was looking for a schoolgirl uniform and I found the cutest one so I wanted to try it on. In the mean time, the cheeky Danny came around with an impressive size of a strap on and she was playing with it, trying the levels of vibrations… We walked into the dressing room so I can try on the uniform and Danny joined me as I needed her opinion.   I put on the girly pink skirt that was barely managing to cover my percy arse and needed a hand to fit the bra so Danny was there to help… As she got close to me the place was getting hotter and hotter. I stared into her eyes motionless for a moment, feeling her hands across my breasts as she was trying to see if the size was right. I can’t explain how, but I was now feeling my pussy soaking wet and my nipples hardened underneath my her soft touch… So many times before we’ve seen each other naked, but this sexual tension was never there.

Danny’s expression got serious as she put two of her fingers on my lips and forced them inside my mouth… I opened my mouth, closed my eyes and instinctively started to suck on her fingers. I heard Danny moan and with a urging passion she pushed her body into mine and replaced her fingers with her tongue… It felt amazing… She tasted so good… Now her wet fingers were caressing my grooving clit, underneath my little skirt and white panties…

I felt that I needed more, urgently….

But out of the blue Danny stopped… The sales assistant was asking us thru the curtain is we were ok… It had already been a while since we were there and other people needed to try something on.

God, no, I wasn’t ok… My pussy was aching and all my body was shivering with lust, I needed more…  I have never been so exited in my life. Well, nothing to do about it. I needed to wait.  I was hoping to be able to continue our fun at home, but Danny’s phone rang, she got a job  and she disappeared in the summer heat…

Well, from now on I guess we will be the hottest duo escorts London could offer. Yeah, babe, I am on fire and need all the nation out there to know it!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Love, C



Dear C,

Wow, what a hot story! Well, may I ask what took you that long? Smile I hope you will enjoy every moment together and that you will bring your personal life into work as well…  Looking forward for chapter 2. Wink


















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