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Crystal (21)

Gloucester Road

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Review by The American on 05/24/2018 (One hour Outcall)

My hotel room.

Crystal does not look anything like her pictures. I wasn't surprised as you can tell that photoshop was used. This did not deter me from engaging in an encounter with Crystal. She still has a cute face and beautiful eyes. Plus her body type is what I prefer.
Two things did upset me about Crystal. The first was that she smoked before she came in. I do not smoke. Not a great taste. The second is her communication skills. I understand that she is Eastern European and that English is a second language to her. But there is more to communication than speaking.

I picked Crystal based on the 'CIM' services being included. She asked for extra when she arrived and I pointed that out right away.
We began to become intimate and she offered OWO without hesitation. Having sex was a little more difficult though. Crystal is not into dirty talk. She is not into talking period. When we began to have sex doggystyle my cock began to grow immensly due to the enjoyment. I told her before sex that my cock is really thick and it may be an issue. Well it became an issue right when I had Crystal in the perfect position. We stopped due to the pain which I am fine with. We then proceeded to the "CIM".
I was not feeling positive about the encounter until after we finished. We both laid and chatted for about 15 mintues before she started giving me oral again. I can tell that Crystal loves sucking cock. But a lot of the other offerings are a little hard pressed.
Overall, I was happy with the services I received. Crystal offered to make me cum again and I could not at the time. So I kissed her goodbye and once again complimented her on the amazing outfit she was wearing. If she had kept it on during our encounter I would have cum more than once for sure.

Review by Joe on 05/19/2018 (1 hour Incall)

a Beautiful clean and tidy bedroom with clean and tidy bathroom and shower.

If I`m honest,when I first saw Crystal I was a bit disappointed.She didn`t look very much like her photos (I thought she was another girl covering for the original one).In fact I seriously considered leaving and finding a different escort.Something that she picked up on and asked me if I wanted to leave to avoid wasting my time and hers. BUT!..there was something about this girl.She had a sweetness and honesty which I found refreshing and I decided to stay.I`m glad I did, because despite the differences in the way she looked I had a wonderful time with Crystal and really enjoyed our time together.I would recommend that she updates her profile pictures as soon as possible though as I`m sure that I wont be the only client surprised by the way she looks compared to her photos.

Crystals service was lovely.I asked for BJ which she performed wonderfully and after a lovely chat repaid with DATY.It was lovely to hear her moans of pleasure when she had a climax,something that I really enjoyed doing for a lovely young lady like Crystal. Thank you for your patience and time Crystal.I hope I have the opportunity to see you again in the future.xx

Review by Bobaq on 01/18/2018 (1 hour Incall)

Clean. Warm.

Exactly as pictured which is always nice to find

Perfect GFE with lots of toys for your and her amusement.

Review by The Boss on 01/16/2018 (1 hr Incall)

Nice room in a nice floor flat on a respectable street only a few minutes from the tube. Bed was comfortable with well placed mirror. offered a drink and a shower on arrival and found fresh towels waiting. Exciting range of toys on display - her favourite is the rabbit eared vibrator.

Pictures are an excellent likeness, though Crystal's hair is shorter than in the pictures, there was still plenty to play with. Fantastic soft skin, sensitive perky nipples and fantastic firm round bum. Felt and smelt great - pussy was sweet on the tongue and her neatly trimmed bush provided a tactile arrowhead towards her pleasure centres. Due to some confusion in comms from me to the agency and then to her she wasn't dressed entirely as I'd expected but that was not an issue - still looked hot; and she offered to change when the confusion became apparent. By that point savouring getting her out of the sexy skirt and top she was wearing was more important than getting her into something else. Her English is fine - I had to explain some idiom, but that wasn't a problem; she was honest that she wasn't fluent enough for dirty talk, but what she did whisper was effective.

Very cooperative and eager to please - I can't believe this is her first review. I asked what she enjoyed and told her what I hoped for, and she was eager to deliver, always with a smile.
Began with some fondling while she was dressed and I was in my towel, then gradual removal of her clothes while passionate kissing and her exploration of what was under my towel. it was at this point we had the girth conversation with respect to anal; she is a very small girl so discretion seemed fair.
Then oral and polite request to tell her before coming in her mouth ... and a very soft and talented mouth it was. Very hot eye contact as she lay on the bed with her lips stretched around my cock while I stroked her already wet pussy - she prefers gentle stroking of her cunt-lips as her clit is very sensitive, and no fingering. I then returned the favour with a pillow under her bum to raise her pussy to the ideal height. Her clit is indeed very sensitive and her cunt-lips swelled and blossomed with attention. she was very happy to have me explore her arse with my tongue and came under these ministrations - very sexy quivering and tensing that got my cock more than ready for a condom. Thank you Crystal for throwing the first one away and getting the big ones out - it did my self-esteem a power of good.
Fabulous doggy once I got in - she is deliciously tight even when wet - and a nice rhythm seemed to give her a lot pf pleasure. Fantastic sight with her arse in the air so I could alternate playing with her arsehole and reaching under her to her clit. Very sensitive bum-cheeks and she seemed to enjoy having my hands run over her bum, back and thighs. The adjacent mirror gave me a very hot alternate view. Though anal was a non-starter she was very happy to have me run my cock up and down between her bum cheeks with an naughty invitation to spunk over her back. Missionary was very hot because of the very sexy eye contact,tongues, and encouragement. She doesn't like 69, she preferred to lie between my legs and alternate sucking my cock, and then my balls while wanking me.
All in all a very full hour during which she worked hard to deliver everything I wanted while giving every appearance of enjoyment herself. Cuddle before shower and departure.
I would say this is a very naughty GFE rather than PSE, but actually all the more pleasant for that. Thanks Crystal, I hope you enjoy this review.