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Visits to London museums followed by desert - Bella's blog

8:13 pm, Tuesday 8th April 2014

I’ve got this client, who, for the past few months has made a point of booking me through my escorts agency at least once a week when he’s in London on business. I'm always delighted when he shows up, as the first thing he does is to offer me an abundance of compliments that no girl in her right mind could resist falling apart over. He reminds me time and time again that my body is a treat and one that he is adamant to enjoy.

A typical day with my dear friend involves visits to his favorite museums in London and checking out other wonderful spots that he frequents. But the nights we spend together, are definitely not to be characterized as typical. When the sun exchanges places with the moon and the sky darkens, it's time for my client to sample his dessert. This usually involves the juiciest strawberries, a bottle or two of champagne and of course my irresistible body topped with whipped cream. The way in which he handles me, and makes me feel each time is indescribable. And how should an obedient escort repay the person that gives her so much? Luckily for me, I have all the necessary skills and have developed a little black book of wonderful techniques that has him curling toes and begging for more. And there is nothing that turns me on more than hearing the sounds of him expressing the pleasure that he feels, the pleasure that I'm responsible for him feeling.

The night comes close to being over and I make sure to satisfy him one last time and then I often tease him just a little to give him something to dream about and to look forward to for the next time we see each other. Out of all the escorts he’s met over the years in London, I'm his number girl, and I know that the satisfaction that I give him is something he wouldn't trade in for the world.