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Panty less girls and moans of pleasure

9:21 pm, Wednesday 21st May 2014

Noah is my favourite kind of man. There's nothing that turns me on more than seeing a guy covered in oil after fixing a car, except of course, hitting the track with Noah in the driver's seat. Whenever this escort is feeling down, I head over to Noah at his workshop in London. High heels, a sexy skirt and no panties underneath is something that he's never been able to resist and something that he will never be able to resist.

Once, when I was out with some of the other escorts, I had a certain craving for Noah. I'd told my friends all the great things about him and so they too, had no hesitations when it came to paying him a visit. Four sexy, panty-less girls, he was in for a treat. His mouth dropped as he saw one escort after another step out of the car. And as for the other girls, they were also in awe once they had laid their eyes upon my sweet, muscular east London mechanic, Noah.

'I thought you could use some company,' I said. He greeted me with a peck on the cheek, 'the company of such lovely ladies is something that I'd never refuse,' he replied. I went ahead to introduce the girls to him, each of them blushing harder than I'd ever seen them. 'Well,' my friends here are looking for some fun, is there something you can recommend to us?' One of the girls didn't wait for his reply, instead, she butted in with, 'he can start by taking off that shirt and showing us what he's working with.'

Noah chuckled, 'a shirt for a shirt,' he said and as if some form of magic was performed, everyone in the room was topless within seconds. I walked over to Noah and helped him out of his pants. The other girl's eyes were stuck on his monstrous man parts. He picked me up and tossed me on the car he had been working on and started to pound his cock so fucking deep into me. Soon after, everything fell in place, and being the man that he is, he had enough power in him to please all four of us. His workshop was filled with moans of pleasure, and girls as wet as ever, dripping their juices all over the place. He then told us to put on a show for him and we certainly gave him the best sex show he had ever witnessed.

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