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12:08 pm, Tuesday 26th August 2014

It was one of those days where mother nature threatened to ruin my day off from the agency. The London skies were dark and I knew that we were only seconds away from being poured down on. The last thing that I wanted to do was to pack up the picnic blanket and head home. It’s funny how the British weather works sometimes. One minute, the sun’s rays threaten to burn everything in its sight and then the next, it pours as though someone had tossed the ocean into the skies.

At the park, Joanne, Oliver and I kept looking up, just to see if the clouds would give us a break, though the other two didn’t seem to mind that much if it rained. Oliver was adamant that we could have a lot more fun if it rained, especially since everyone else would slowly but surely, vanish from the park and head indoors.  Oliver was a dirty little boy and there wasn’t one conversation that escaped his lips without a hint of sex attached to it. After all, that’s why he hung out with me, an escort and Joanne, an exotic dancer at one of London’s top strip joints. He loved beautiful women and to be honest, I couldn’t blame him. Joanne and I, are indeed smoking hot and there isn’t a man in the world who would be able to resist us, not separately and definitely not together.

Shortly after Oliver’s statement about everyone leaving, we were given proof of just how right he was. The first drops started coming down, and the first batch of people started to pack up and leave. An even shorter moment later, it really started to rain and the only people left in the park were the three of us. ‘What are you waiting for? Get out of those wet clothes!’ Oliver exclaimed and we both did as we were told. Joanne and I put on a little show, dancing slowly while we got rid of one article of clothing and then the other. All the while, Oliver couldn’t contain himself. Each time he saw us naked, his eyes lit up as though it were the first and when we got closer to him, that’s when the fun really started. Oliver was a pleaser, and a darn good one at that. I’m so happy that I listened to him that day and stayed while he showed us how to make the best out of less than ideal weather.

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