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Jacuzzi fun with naughty escort Helen

9:02 pm, Monday 11th August 2014

My favorite place in the world would have to be my London apartment; specifically, my bathroom in my apartment. Equipped with every escorts dream a full sized Jacuzzi and mirrors on every wall, it truly is a woman's paradise.

One night on my day off from the agency I was feeling lonely, I headed over to my hot tub to have some fun by myself. I wanted so badly to spend the night with my new boyfriend Derek but he was out of the country working on a building site in Berlin and thus, I was all alone. However, this didn't mean that this naughty escort was unable to have some fun. It also didn't mean that he couldn't be the source of my fun. With my phone on speaker, I told him just how much I missed him and the wonderful things he did to my body. I told him how much I wanted those things to be done tonight and how there was a specific part of him that I was craving more than anything else.

Not too long after, my phone beeped and I picked it up to see that I had received a text message. In that message was the most brilliant piece of a man imaginable. This got me even hotter and missing him even more. Though I was thoroughly satisfied to see the picture he sent, I was a little angered by the fact that I wasn't able to enjoy it. Our conversation took a turn for the dirtier and soon enough he was telling me what to do and where to touch. I did the same to him and allowed my imagination to take me to places that many other escorts have never been. It almost seemed as though he was in my bathroom with me and when I closed my eyes things got even more real. I got so in touch with my body that night and made the best of the Jacuzzi, its rushing waters and the voice of my boyfriend. I could hear him on the other end of the phone breathing heavily as he pleased himself and this got me even more turned on. Soon, a sound escaped from him; one that I had heard all too often and my body got weak and my lower regions were filled with sensations that put a smile on my face. Now, it wasn't only my end of the line that was being introduced to such tones, he too had his ears filled with my melodic screams.

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