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Escorts who are the essence of life – Raisa’s blog

7:04 pm, Wednesday 9th April 2014

If there ever was a criteria for what makes the perfect escort, I would fit each and every aspect of it. My irresistible body coupled with my ever active sex drive is what keeps clients coming back to my London apartment for more. Perfectly perky breasts that bounce to the rhythm of my personal encounters, gives the men in my life a show that they simply can't afford to miss out on.

If you were to ask my client, John about our many adventures in London, he would clarify just how much more fun I am than the other escorts he’s been with, not only at the dining table, when in deep and meaningful conversation, but also in the bedroom where my skills are second to none.

Fantasies should never go unfulfilled, and I ensure that the men in my life never have to go through their lives without getting their burning desires met. There is so much more to life than going through the motions in a typical manner. Everyone deserves excitement they, deserve to be complemented with beautiful escorts like myself who makes it her priority to satisfy the gentlemen of London and to keep their fires lit, and their spark everlasting. John and I, like to switch things up, we never fall into the same old routine. Whether we're hopping on a jet and conquering the world, laying out on the beach and soaking in the sun, or dining in fancy restaurants, we make each occasion a special one and one to be envied. You can also add some spunk to your life. I'll be happy to lead the way and guide you into the light of complete and utter fulfillment. I promise, you will experience things that you never have before, and just like John, you'll keep coming back for more.

Life is to be enjoyed, and the essence of me is indeed enjoyment.