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Escorts at the London branch call him Timmy boy

7:24 pm, Friday 25th April 2014



An escorts job is to please, that's right I’m a London minx, I’m busty and I'm a pleaser, just ask Timothy. There's nothing he enjoys more than spending a day with his favorite busty play thing, the one who takes all his wildest fantasies and makes them even wilder.

I'm known for that, taking things to new levels, to new heights and exceeding every expectation my clients have set for me, or themselves. The first time I met Timothy, or Timmy boy as the escorts at the London branch of my agency like to call him, he was already blown away by my big breasts. 'D's are out, E's are definitely in,' he said. He was ready for a good time, but I was ready for a great time. Over a glass of fine wine we talked about everything he wanted to do to me, and everything I wanted to do to him. I teased him for the first half an hour or so, which only made him want me more and more. That one glass of wine turned into two, but before we could even think about the third glass, he had me in his grasp, kissing me and tempting me. I'm not sure if it's usual that an escort would be more enticed by her clients as they are by her, but my clients know just how to get me going. Perhaps it’s the need that they have for me, the burning desire to be mine that I see in their eyes that just makes me fall deeper and deeper in lust each and every time our eyes meet. Getting tangled in the sheets, and turning a perfectly made bed into a perfect mess is what Timothy and I did that night in London.

However, the nights that followed, were nothing short of wild. I saw a side of my wonderful client and learned about a side of myself that I never in my wildest dreams thought existed.

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