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A London girl could not ask for more

8:25 pm, Tuesday 6th May 2014



How many of the escorts in London can really say they have lived the real millionaires high life? One of my clients has a yacht which gets more action that one can imagine in the summer. When it's vacation time, it's Bella time. We'll hop on his private plane and head out of London and into the hot heat of South Beach.

When there, his yacht will be waiting for us to christen each and every berth. A popular guy like him has a lot of friends, so there is never a dull moment on his yacht. There are parties and escorts galore, each and every where you turn. But me, I'm his dime, I'm his centerpiece. He likes to show me off to all of his friends, who can look as long and as hard as they want, but are not allowed to touch, because when I'm with him, I'm all his. We like to head to his bedroom in the middle of a party, and attempt to see if our screams and moans can outdo the music, which I have to say we have accomplished on several occasions. Every once in a while we'll leave the door open so that the others can take a peak of what they're missing out on. The smiles of envy that we get when we've wrapped up our routine makes me know that I'm doing everything right. He never hesitates to remind me that I am indeed the best escort that he has ever had. Not to be sentimental or anything, but each time he says this to me, it makes my heart skip a beat and my desire to please him grow even more. Seconds later, we're heading back to the master berth in his yacht to get the bed rocking once again. Vacations in south beach are just the greatest. Sex fun and more sex, a London girl couldn't ask for more.

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